Welcome to the Wedding of Ankit & Amrita!

We’re excited to have you there! Here’s all the insider info you’d like to have about the wedding ceremony.


Date: 21st June 2024

Time: 10 AM

Venue: Saibaba Mandir Marg, Om Shree Geetanjali Nagar, Saibaba Nagar, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092

If you’re as bad at directions as I am, then here’s a map to the location. If you’re an Olympic Champion of bad-map-reading-skills and still manage to get lost, feel free to call any of us!


What to wear?

You can wear anything that you think would be appropriate for a place of worship.

Shorts, skirts, tank tops, low necks and caps aren’t allowed, but other than that, wear whatever you like!

Your shoes and socks will be safe in a shoe rack outside (unless you’re the dulha, whose joote are always in danger of being stolen by his saalis!)

You will be required to cover your head within the Darbar Sahib where the ceremony will take place. Gents and kids will be provided with a headscarf at the entrance. (’cause you guys wouldn’t have a sari pallu or dupatta at your disposal like the ladies would!)

What does a Gurudwara wedding look like?

If this is your first time to a Gurudwara wedding, then here’s a gist of what you can expect at ours.

Around 10 AM: The ladke-wale will be welcomed at the entrance in what is called a Milni.

This will be followed by the Chunni ceremony where Ankit’s mother will welcome me into the family by placing a chunni over my head. This is usually done earlier, but we’re having this just before the wedding.

There will be a small ceremony of Chooda where my Mamas will make me wear the chooda and give me their blessings. Then my friends will tie the kaleere (those shiny golden ornaments that hang from the bangles as a reminder of their best wishes and love).

Around 11 AM: The Anand Karaj or the wedding ceremony will begin in the Gurudwara. In this ceremony, all the guests will be seated in the Darbar Sahib hall. If you are someone who has an old knee with a young heart and have trouble squatting, you can sit on the chairs at the back of the Darbar Sahib hall.

Around 12 PM: Lunch will be served in an open area adjoining the hall. We do not intend to have a typical stage reception (’cause I find the idea of you having to queue up to click pictures to mark your attendance a tad boring). Ankit and I will come around to your table to say hi while you are seated at your table and enjoying your meal peacefully. That’s it! That is the short and simple but sweet and meaningful ceremony that we intend to have.

Kindly note: We’ve been abundantly blessed with good health, loving family, adorable friends and our love for each other. On our wedding day, all we would like is to have your company, laughter and blessings.

If you do wish to give us a gift, please consider a donation to any charitable organization of your choice in lieu of a gift to us. (I will be donating towards a kid’s education ’cause I know that is what my Nanaji would’ve liked me to do with the wedding gift money he left me. If hunting for a reliable charity is an inconvenience for you, you are most welcome to join me!)

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