Details of Illness

“Do observe all the symptoms of your illness and report even the minutest of changes”, says your homeopathic doctor. “Yes, yes doctor, I’ll do that” you promise your doctor, but you can’t help coming away feeling, “what is it that I have to look at?!”

So here are some things that you can observe and report about your illness:

  • What are your complaints?
  • Since when have you noticed these symptoms?
  • What is the exact location of your pain / eruption / sensation?
  • How would you best describe the type of pain / sensation that you get?
  • Can you trace back the beginning of your symptoms to any event? (Diet / Accident / Injury / Over exertion / Weather change / Mental Upset… Don’t worry if it’s scientific or if it sounds silly. Your doctor will figure out if its relevant. If it correlates to the same time as the beginning of your complaints, do mention it.)
  • What are the factors that increase or decrease your complaints? (Movement / Time of the Day/ Season  / Body position / warmth / cold / Consuming a particular food item / pressure / draft of fan / noise / light / talking etc.)
  • Any other complaints that occur along with this complaint?



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